Cllr Kerry Lloyd

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My name is Kerry Lloyd and thanks to your vote in May 2023, I have been one of your Labour and Co-operative councillors in Aughton & Holborn ward for almost a year. As a new councillor I have learnt a lot during the last year, and through being visible and listening to what matters to the residents of Aughton & Holborn ward, I hope I have made a difference.

Some of the work I have been involved in over the last year includes supporting the coordination of a local resident flood group, involving multiple households, helping to hold responsible authorities to account om behalf of the residents of New Lane & Hallmoor Close. 

I have supported local Neighbourhood Watch groups in the removal of abandoned vehicles in the ward, as well as the installation of new litter bins.

I have been active in reporting potholes throughout the ward to Lancashire County Council, as well as the need for the resurfacing of Parrs Lane. I am a regular attendee at Aughton Parish Council, answering queries and responding to public questions.        

As a resident of Aughton for 25 years, I care passionately about the area and have engaged with the Aughton Resident Group, listening to their concerns in relation to the Local Plan and inviting the Portfolio Holder for Planning to the Parish Council, so residents can hear directly from the Labour Council regarding its work alongside officers of West Lancashire Borough Council in ensuring we deliver on our pledge to protect agricultural land in the ward.

I have been a nurse in the NHS for over 30 years and spent a long period of my career as a district nurse, covering many parts of West Lancs, including the areas covering the ward of Aughton and Holborn, so I have seen first-hand how the people in our ward live and the needs they have. 

My son attended primary and secondary school in the borough, and I feel passionately that we should deliver a better future for our children and grandchildren.

I spend my free time catching up with family and friends, walking my dog and like to keep active.  

I am hoping that with your vote in May 2024 we can make Aughton and Holborn ward an even better place to live than it is already, through listening and responding to what is important to its residents.